Sunday, February 19, 2012


by George Orwell.
Probably took a day to read. At least I had to finish it as soon as possible. 15/2/2012

It's 1984 and the world is different than what our 1984 was. Or isn't it?

The story follows Wilson, a government worker for the Ministry of Truth in a place where United Kingdom used to exist. His job is to alter articles in old Times magazine, whenever there is an 'error', such as when the prices of a certain goods rises, he will change a part of speech from the government that says it will not rise, into it will rise.
He works like everbody else, goes to work, eats rationed food, follow the daily routines of the Ingsoc (short for english socialism) until one day he began to write a diary. A crime.

The book has complicated words( or is it confusing phrase?). Doesn't matter. By the end of it, you're not sure what you read, at least for me that is.

Recommendation/Reading age: For those who can. How do you know you can? You have to read it first. As for me, I think I can't as it was so depressing. I had to finish it so fast that in the end I skipped a few paragraphs.

I wish I can unread the book. 

But such is the truth. It is not always easy to swallow. And you cannot easily forget the taste.

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